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This Cookies policy relates to Cookies used on the website LUXURYLOVE.PL, which is owned by Kamila Cierniak, established under the name of Luxury Love Kamila Cierniak (business address and mailing address: Wojska Polskiego street 16a, 42-240 Rudniki) written to the central registration and information on economic activity of the Republic of Poland kept by the Minister responsible for the economy, NIP 9492086519, REGON 36867454, an electronic mail address:, phone number: +48 798 777 653 hereinafter referred to as: the owner).


Cookies are small text information in the form of text files, sent by the server and saved when the visitor page (e.g. on your computer's hard drive, laptop, or on the memory card, Smartphone- Depending on what device you have by visiting our service).


Cookies are primarily useful and safe tool, which helps you browse the Web Site according to your preferences and use of its functionality. Cookies used by our Site are safe and do not cause configuration changes in your computer, laptop, or Smartphone, or software installed in your device. We use Cookies for the following purposes:


·  identify you as a logged on and show that you are logged on,

·  memorization of items added to your shopping cart to place an order,

·  memorization of the data from the completed order forms, surveys, or login to the site,

·  customizing the content of the website to your personal user preferences (e.g. color, font size, page layout) and to optimize the use of the website,

·  carry out anonymous statistics showing how to use the site and the needs of users, with the exception of the personal identification of the user,

·  advertising - cookies allow the presentation of personalized ads, customized to your interests of the recipient. The number of ad impressions can be limited to help reduce their hardship. Information about opt out of Google's cookie settings in Google ads. Opting out of cookies of other third-party providers is possible at the Network Advertising Initiative.



By visiting our website you may encounter the following types of Cookies:

Permanent and temporary, depending on the time for which they are stored on your computer's hard drive, laptop, or Smartphone's memory card that you use when visiting our site. Temporary files, Cookies, which are stored over a relatively short period of time-are removed at the time of logging off of our website, leave the website or close your Web browser you are using. Temporary files are therefore often referred to the session. Permanent files (also known as the permanent) Cookies, which as a rule are stored for a period longer than in the case of temporary files-storage period lasts for the time specified in the parameters of your Cookies file or until their remove yourself.


Own and external, depending on whether the Cookies file comes directly from the website or from a third party through the service (for example, in the case of the share Service area one of the ad networks or anonymous statistics using Google Analytics). In the latter case, we also recommend  that you read the cookie policy or privacy policy of the third party.


Information that the cookies are permanent, temporary, or external, as well as the term store can also be accessed by using the appropriate options for your own Web browser – to do this, refer to browser support website.



Standardly, most Web browsers available on the market by default, accepts Cookies. You have the ability to specify the conditions for the use of Cookies by using your browser settings. This means that you can for example: partially limit (e.g. temporarily) or completely disable the ability to save Cookies on your computer – in the latter case, however, this may have an impact on some of the functionality of the site (for example, it may be impossible to go the path of the order through the order form).


The settings of your Web browser regarding Cookies are relevant from the point of view of the consent to the use of Cookies by our service in accordance with the provisions of this agreement may also be expressed through the Web browser settings. 


Details on how to change the settings for Cookies and their independent removal in the most popular Web browsers are available in the help section of the Web browser, and on the following pages:


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